Personal Coaching


Make a good life even better.

Reach your full potential and meet your highest dreaming.

Discover what bliss means to you and then learn how to follow it.

As a personal coach, I assist clients in discovering and meeting their goals, in all aspects of their lives. Together, we will take a look at what is important and valued to the client, and what it would look like to be living their best life. ┬áThere will be an assessment of core strengths as well as an opportunity to get curious about the areas lacking ease and waiting to be transformed. As a team, we create the mission statement, or “job description”, of the life that the client wants, that acts as a compass to grant them clarity of vision as they walk the path toward living their life’s purpose. This is a co-creative process, with the client at the helm, as I both gently and firmly mentor, model, and guide clients from base camp to base camp, through any obstacles of fear and self-doubt that arise, until they reach the summit of their goals.