Distance Counseling & Coaching

Saguaro Sunset

Online psychotherapy, counseling and coaching through VSee (a security encrypted, HIPAA supported videoconferencing program, which is free to download and use) is a convenient way for clients to be able to connect with me from the comfort of their own home or office. The popularity of therapy and coaching through videoconferencing is increasing, and many clients report that they prefer to have their sessions online as it creates ease, and saves both driving time and the cost of gas.  I have worked with clients online who are housebound, who live out of the area, or just prefer not to travel to my office. Some clients report that they even feel more comfortable having their sessions through the video conferencing medium.  Online sessions are highly effective. In fact, research is showing that therapy through videoconferencing is just as effective as in-office sessions. Even though there may be thousands of miles of distance between us, my clients share that they feel as if they are in the same room with me. Though there may be a bit of a learning curve for the new “teletherapy” client, with minimal practice it soon becomes second nature, and I am happy to be able to offer online sessions for any client who feels it would be best for them.  For those clients who do not have internet or webcam technology, I offer telephone sessions as well.

If you are interested in online psychotherapy, and you were hoping to use your health insurance, please be advised that prior to us beginning online work together, you will need to check with your insurance carrier to see if they support online psychotherapy, and if they do so with the same reimbursement rates as in-office sessions. While more insurance companies are coming around to the understanding that online therapy works and works well, at this time, some carriers still will not cover therapy via videoconferencing, or they significantly reduce the rates that they are willing to pay the provider.  Once you have investigated this, if you discover that your insurance carrier does pay for online sessions at the same rate as in-office rates, I will bill your insurance for our online sessions. Furthermore, some insurance companies not usually known to cover online psychotherapy have been known to make exceptions  for special circumstances (if you are housebound or living in a geographical area in which there is a lack of available psychological services). You are welcome to inquire about this with your carrier.   My hope is that, over time, due to the current research and the growing popularity of online psychotherapy and counseling, more insurance companies will start offering coverage for psychotherapy via videoconferencing.