Mindfulness Training

Each moment is the perfect moment, and the only moment we have. Feel the power and magic of being here now.

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I often ask clients questions like, “When was the last time you spent 30 minutes preparing a meal, and then ate it in five?  When was the last time you were reading, and suddenly stopped, realizing that you hadn’t digested a single word from the last page? When was the last time you drove home from work and as you parked, noticed that you had no recollection of the drive?”  The answer for most people is probably “way too recently, and way too often”.  Enter mindfulness; the art of being in the present moment. The practice of “falling awake” in every thing one does. The ability to just sit, or walk, or brush one’s teeth, and to do so without simultaneously Tweeting, feeding the dog, or threatening the kids with a grounding if the garbage isn’t taken out. The ability to just sit and notice oneself breathing—because breathing is truly a miraculous thing. This is a practice that can change one’s life, and research has shown and continues to show the many mental, emotional, and physical benefits of being present.