Leading Edge Psychotherapy

Ferruginous Hawk

Remove the obstacles getting in the way of you revealing your true self.
Rewire your mind, and synchronize it with your heart and body.
Start loving who you are and what is.

Through an energetic and eclectic style of psychotherapy, I help you open the doors to your realization of the beauty, resiliency, and love that you naturally are.  In our work together, there is never an agenda, but a flowing with the wave that takes us, together, to the source of what wants to be worked in the moment. A typical first session involves a review of client history and an understanding of your intentions for our work together. Though it takes some time for us to get to know each other and build rapport, usually within the first three sessions it is clear whether there is a mutual fit.

Beyond our relationship is your ability to create new patterns in your life. While talk therapy is extremely helpful, and a safe, nurturing relationship is of utmost importance, it is also true that simply talking about what is happening in one’s life may not be enough to break old patterns and create lasting change. Our left brains, responsible for analytical thought, are mainly at work when we talk. In order for the brain to create new neural pathways (and thus do something different), we need to involve the right side of the brain, which is responsible for intuition, creativity and a connection to ourselves, others and awe of this world.  In order to help clients engage this part of their brains, I use a technique known as Lifespan Integration (more information can be found at www.LifespanIntegration.com) LI was originally developed as a trauma reprocessing tool, but anecdotal research has shown that it also improves one’s core sense of self, increases emotional regulation, and gives clients a way to use more appropriate ways of coping when life gets challenging.

I have seen rapid and dramatic results with my clients since I have been using Lifespan Integration.  Unless we discover together that you are benefited enough by stand alone talk therapy, we are likely to use LI in our work together. At this time, I am the only psychologist in Arizona trained in LI, and I am delighted to be offering it to you as a way to aid you in your journey of becoming the fullness of who you are.