Groups & Sacred Circles


It is extremely fulfilling to work with clients individually, and I also find great value in doing group work.  The support that is available within the offering of a safe, sacred container can affect a person’s life in myriad ways, and change can often happen rapidly.  I have been very moved by the work I’ve done and witnessed in groups, both as a participant and as a facilitator.  I have also had the privilege of receiving specialized training in the facilitation of healing circles through the Institute of Circlework.  I enter the beginning of a new group or circle with awe and respect for the unique creation that will emerge.  We never know what’s going to happen, but the possibilities are numerous and rich.


Previously offered groups:


Find and Follow Your Bliss- A Sacred Circle for Women

Is life fulfilling, or just all filled up? What would happen if you lived your life in alignment with the unique gifts that you have to offer the world? This women’s circle will offer an opportunity for you to bravely dive into these questions while being supported as you discover the joy that comes from doing what you are meant to do with the precious life you have. Get ready to share, to journal, to breathe deeply, to be still, and to be your full, authentic self! Eight week group with possibility of continuing  if there is interest.


Ten Things to Do When Your Life Falls Apart- A Therapy Group for Women

Sometimes it just happens. Maybe it came as a surprise, or maybe you had something beautiful planned and watched it disintegrate before your eyes. This women’s group will offer you an opportunity to fully grieve your loss, reintegrate yourself, and rise from the wreckage, more confident and wise than you have ever been. With Daphne Rose Kingma’s book as a loose guide, you will be coached and supported through all the “things to do”– even when you don’t feel like doing them! Ten week group with possibility of continuing if there is interest.