Psychotherapy Sessions

Jessica has an energetic and eclectic style of psychotherapy. There is never an agenda, but a flowing with the wave that takes therapist and client to the source of what wants to be worked in the moment. A typical first session involves a review of client history and an understanding of the client’s intention for the work together. Though it takes some time to get to know each other and build rapport, usually within the first three sessions it is clear whether there is a mutual fit.

Subsequent sessions may include verbal processing, breath work, meditation, expression of intense emotion through making sound or facial expressions, energy building/discharge through movement, and re-grounding into new energetic life patterns through various energy and positive psychology techniques. Clients should wear comfortable clothing in the event that they are interested in movement as part of the session.  As an adjunct to the work, clients may be encouraged to write in a journal or explore short periods of silence after a session, should their schedules accommodate it.

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Personal Coaching Sessions

As a personal coach, Jessica assists clients in discovering and meeting their goals, in all aspects of their lives. Jessica and the coaching client will take a look at what is important and valued to the client, and what it would look like to be living their best life.  There will be an assessment of core strengths as well as an opportunity to get curious about the areas lacking ease and waiting to be transformed. Together Jessica and her clients create the mission statement, or “job description”, of the life the client wants, that acts as a compass to grant them clarity of vision as they walk the path toward living their life’s purpose. This is a co-creative process, with the client at the helm, as Jessica both gently and firmly mentors, models, and guides clients from base camp to base camp, through any obstacles of fear and self-doubt that arise, until clients reach the summit of their goals.

Mindfulness Training

Jessica often asks clients questions like, “When was the last time you spent 30 minutes preparing a meal, and then ate it in five?  When was the last time you were reading, and suddenly stopped, realizing that you hadn’t digested a single word from the last page? When was the last time you drove home from work and as you parked, noticed that you had no recollection of the drive?”  The answer for most people is probably “way too recently, and way too often”.  Enter mindfulness; the art of being in the present moment. The practice of “falling awake” in every thing one does. The ability to just sit, or walk, or brush one’s teeth, and to do so without simultaneously Tweeting, feeding the dog, or threatening the kids with a grounding if the garbage isn’t taken out. The ability to just sit and notice oneself breathing—because breathing is truly a miraculous thing. This is a practice that can change one’s life, and research has shown and continues to show the many mental, emotional, and physical benefits of being present.

Skype & Telephone Sessions

Online psychotherapy and coaching through videoconferencing is a convenient way for clients to be able to connect with Jessica from the comfort of their own home or office. Online therapy’s popularity is increasing, and many clients report that they prefer to have their sessions online as it creates ease, and saves both driving time and the cost of gas. Jessica has worked with clients through videoconferencing using VSee (a free to download and use, security encrypted platform) who are housebound for medical reasons, who live out of the area, or just prefer not to travel to her office. Some clients report that they even feel more comfortable having their sessions through the video conferencing medium.  Online sessions are highly effective. Even though there may be thousands of miles of distance between themselves and Jessica, clients feel as if they are in the same room with her. Though there may be a bit of a learning curve for the new “teletherapy” client, soon it becomes second nature, and Jessica is happy to be able to offer online sessions for any client who feels it would be best for them.  For those clients who do not have internet or webcam technology, telephone sessions are offered as well.