About Jessica

I believe that every individual has basic goodness and the ability to grow. My goal as a therapist and coach is to help clients create a better conceptualization of self, others, and life circumstances and to facilitate clients’ cultivation of a deep and lasting friendship with themselves. I do this by offering empathy, unconditional positive regard, being my authentic self, and gently inviting clients to create change in their lives that will result in increased joy and vitality. I aim to improve clients’ attunement to their bodies by offering tools such as relaxation, meditation, breath work, physical expression of emotion through sound and movement, and dance.

I work with adults. My main area of specialization involves working with individuals who are interested in deep personal growth. I believe that the main reason we experience symptoms such as extreme stress, anxiety, and depression is because we have become distracted and/or disconnected from our deepest longings, our spiritual reason for existing. Reconnecting to both our perfect and inherently flawed humanity with gentleness and a sense of humor is the way that the true self can be revealed. I am passionate about providing a gateway for clients to experience this reconnection.

I received my undergraduate training from the University of Alaska in Anchorage in 1996 and obtained my doctorate in clinical psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology in Chicago in 2002. I have been in private practice since obtaining my license in 2004.  I lived and worked for nearly a decade in lush, green Pacific Northwest Washington until relocating to the beauty and healing heat of the Arizona desert in 2013.

I am deeply committed to living fully. I hold this work so dear because it is responsible for a large part of my own personal and spiritual journey. As I continue to work with and shed my own worn-out stories and life patterns, I hold a strong intention to reside more fully in my heart and listen to the soft voice that speaks of my soul’s deep longings. I hope to assist in clients’ reconnection with their full being and bear witness to their personal evolution.



In joy,