Deepest Presence

Being one’s authentic self involves integrating mind, heart, and body. Yet, most of us find that we haven’t been taught how to do this.

The inability to see these parts of ourselves as inextricably intertwined often creates an experience of dissatisfaction, and this can result in emotional discomfort and pain. Allowing the mind to be in service to our heart, residing in our body, and reconnecting to our deepest presence (in all of it’s magnificent expansion and contraction) all require a return to an integrated way of being.



This work facilitates profound, lasting change by helping increase awareness of our thoughts and emotions and how they connect to the sensations arising in the body. Through movement, stillness, deep listening, careful observation, and a great deal of humor, we gain the courage to look joyfully at our worn-out life patterns. We begin consulting our soul, feeling into our deepest longings, and making the commitment to gently follow the answers that come when we do so. This process rekindles our life force and brings us closer to our essence, and this is the invitation made by Deepest Presence.

Welcome home to yourself.

In joy,