Our Sacred Geometry

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Our Sacred Geometry

Be on the lookout for spider medicine. Is it time to share your story, let go of it, or both?

The sacred geometry of the stories we weave will be mirrored in the natural world, if you look for it. And we must also take care with the weaving. Observe the outer and the inner for guidance on this.

While it is crucial for our healing to honor our stories, it is also essential that we ask ourselves if our stories are true. Especially with stories that cause us pain, or keep us in a cycle of shame or unnecessary discomfort.

Examine your stories. Look for what is true and what is not. Feel the different sensations in your body when you encounter what you know to be true versus what you are questioning might not be. Be honest. Be gentle. Stay curious. Track the sensations.

Who would you be, how would you feel, if you freed yourself of a story that was no longer true? While me must include its fullness before we let it go, and transcend it, only we know when we are ready to set it down. Go into this exercise with that interest only– process, not outcome. Do not pressure yourself to let it go. Just honor, witness, feel, breathe, and see what happens.

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